"After devoting over 25 years to breeding and showing Silver Persians,
I decided it was time to retire and concentrate on my solid Persian breeding program.
Silver Persians were my "first love" and will always have a special place in my heart."


GC RW Scrimshaw Fancy Face

GC BW RW Scrimshaw Forget-Me-Not
2000 - 2001 CFA show season
CFA Best of Breed
Owner: Rita Kuze

GP NW Scrimshaw Ken Allen of Labrese
1999 - 2000 CFA show season
3rd BEST PREMIER Southern Region
Owners: Dorie Lapoma & Joe Calabrese

GC RW Scrimshaw Idaclair
1999 - 2000 CFA show season
Best Silver Persians SW Region
2nd Best Chinchilla Silver Nationally

GC RW Scrimshaw Star Safire

GC, GP RW Scrimshaw Trixie Lee

GC RW Scrimshaw Almost An Angel
1998 - 1999 CFA show season
11th Best Kitten SW Region
Best Silver Kitten
1999 - 2000 CFA show season
2nd Best chinchilla Persians SW Region
Owner: Diana Frailey

GC RW Scrimshaw Lady Angel of Petiteange
1998 - 1999 CFA show season
17th Best Kitten Region 8
1999 - 2000 CFA show season
2nd Best Shaded Silver Persian Nationally

GC Bien-Aime Silver Beau of Scrimshaw

GC Scrimshaw A Tad Bad

GC, RW Scrimshaw Idaclair

GC Scrimshaw Mercy Me